Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, and an area with both a robust history, as well as a vibrant present. Malmö is located on the southern tip of Sweden, attributing to the warmer weather, as well as unique wildlife not familiar to the rest of Scandinavia. The city itself has a longstanding reputation for being one of the more scenic and cultural areas in Sweden, the city boasting a large amount of historical locations and buildings, as well as a multitude of museums, many of which are held to high regards throughout Scandinavia. Malmö is also held synonymous to dining and is known for being a melting-pot of different cultures. Throughout the city, one is able to see restaurants from nations all over the world, as well as restaurants specializing in traditional Swedish meals.

In free time, Malmö also offers a multitude of different activities, most notably Emporia, the recently opened shopping center which currently holds the record for largest shopping mall in Scandinavia. Malmö has a number of different clubs and bars open in the evenings, many of which are frequently enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike. The city of Malmö also boasts a close proximity to the Öresundsbro, a bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark, making the neighboring country an easy and accessible location to visit during one’s stay in Malmö. Malmö is a city worth visiting, a city filled with culture, history, and entertainment, making it one of the most enjoyable locations in Scandinavia, and a guaranteed good time.

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