MUNOS Association


Samuel Olsson & Puya Nedadahandeh
Founders of MUN of Sweden

How it all started

MUN has truly become a tradition for the students and teachers of Malmö Borgarskola. The result of this is clearly shown in the numerous awards the school and its students have acquired internationally.

In 2012 however, when the MUN society had grown larger in Malmö Borgarskola, Puya Nedadahandeh began to wonder if it was possible to arrange a MUN-conference in Malmö. To his knowledge, even though Swedish schools’ engagement in MUN was great, there were no international conferences in Sweden. He told his close friend Samuel Olsson about his idea and they soon agreed to make the conference a reality. They went to the drawing board, and soon they presented what would become MUN of Sweden (MUNOS) to the school administration, who gave the two students a green light on their project. After Samuel & Puya’s vigorous recruitment, schools from all over Sweden and nearby countries started to show interest in participating in MUN of Sweden.

Since then, Puya and Samuel have worked hard with the MUN team in order to ensure the quality of MUNOS. 150 students from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Lithuania and Turkey participated in MUN of Sweden in May 2014. Ever since the first conference, Malmö Municipality have offered MUNOS to have its opening ceremony in the old city hall.

Puya and Samuel would like to express their gratitude to all those who have made MUN of Sweden a reality.